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151 1st Avenue - # 135

Project Comfort is an organization empowering the LGBTQ community by creating clothing for a more diverse set of body types, identities, and individuals. $10 from every item purchased goes to an established LGBTQ nonprofit, and the customer picks what goes where.

It’s simple - you get the goods, and your money goes to good.

 It’s Clothing For Equality™  


Equal Period an organization empowering the LGBTQ community by creating clothing for a more diverse set of body types, identities, and individuals. $10 from every item purchased goes to an established LGBTQ nonprofit, and the customer picks what goes where.


Here are some answers to questions we've encountered.


Do you offer items for male identifiers? Based on your Look Book, it seems like most of your apparel is for female identifiers. We are an all inclusive brand, and we offer apparel for all genders - for everyone. That said, some items are specific in cut & fit. And so, the product information for each item should clearly identify this for you. 

Is your clothing only for LGBT identifiers? Our apparel is for everyone. We make and sell items that promote and empower equality, which to us should be celebrated by all. Sure, the donations from items sold through us impact LGBTQ nonprofits, however equal is equal in our minds, and that spans gender, identity, orientation, race, religion, and whatever else you got. 

Do you really give $10 per item sold to an LGBTQ nonprofit? Heck yes we do! That’s why we started this business, to inspire & empower change. It’s not about making money, for us – it’s about making our community stronger. However, sometimes we put things on sale, and when that happens, the discount is typically the donation amount. 

Are you a nonprofit or B-corps? We are not a nonprofit, but do have intentions of filing for B-corps status within the coming year. However, we operate our business model with minimal profit in mind, giving back as much as we can to the LGBTQ nonprofits in our network. We are conscious and community focused in everything that we do.

When are donations made to nonprofits? Donations are logged and tallied through our online store; from there a lump donation is made to each nonprofit on a quarterly basis (meaning 4 scheduled donations per year). When the donations are made, our customers on our mailing list will receive an email notifying them.  

Are your shirts USA made? We source as many items as we can from local producers and businesses, however we are not able to source everything from US producers right now. Items that are USA made are clearly marked in the details section.

Is Equal Period a woman-owned-business? What are your experiences with the LGBTQ community? This organization is proudly owned and operated by one particularly inspired lesbian woman. The idea came from her own struggles finding sensible, everyday attire she could wear to her super-corporate job. After struggling for years to justify the fanciness of boat-shoes in boardroom meetings, she decided to make some moves. From there, Clothing For Equality was created.


When will I know my order has been shipped? As soon as you have received your confirmation email from us, you will know it has left our shop.

Should I include my phone number when ordering? Yes, the carrier needs this in case of any difficulty finding an address. Failure in providing one could result in a delay of delivery. 

Can I change my order once it’s placed? We fill orders really quick! Once your order has been confirmed, it’s not possible for you, or us, to change it prior to dispatch. Please ensure all your information is correct before submitting your order. If your order is not yet shipped out, email us and we will cancel your previous order, so that you can reorder the correct item. 

Where is Equal Period located? We’re based out of the Big Apple, actually the East Village. Our exact address is below, in case you need to send some stuff back to us or want to write us a fun card!

Equal Period

151 1st Avenue - PO # 135

New York, NY 10003

Where can I find out about jobs at Equal Period? You want to work with us? Awesome. Send us an email with the word ‘WORK’ in the subject line and a bit about yourself. We do offer internships, which is our most common form of employment. We’ll holler back at you if any opportunities are open.

How do I become a Equal Period dealer? If you’d like to sell Equal Period apparel in your store or learn more about co-selling opportunities, please email us and put the word ‘SALES’ in the subject line of the email.


Can I have a different delivery address than my shipping? Sorry but we ONLY ship to the address on the billing info for security and prevention of fraud.

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes? No, sorry. We do not deliver to PO boxes for security reasons. However, our return address is a PO box, and we recognize the double standard happening there. Our bad.

Do you have international shipping? Sure! Why not? 

What is your return policy? New and unused items in the original packaging may be returned within fifteen days of receipt for a full refund minus shipping & handling costs. Check our return policy. 

Remember, returning an item means that your donation to an LGBTQ nonprofit is also returned.

How do I set up a return? To begin the return process, email us at Include the word ‘RETURN’ in the subject line of your email. From here, a Team Member will contact you with next steps.